Spade is the next generation of display advertising.. but in the real world! Our platform will connect you with a hyperlocal network of businesses to help spread your messages to users who can then engage with your messages through the Spade Mobile App.

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Looking to capitalize on a hyper-local marketing strategy? Do you want to be sure your message is reaching the right people in the right place at the right time?

Our Advertiser portal gives businesses who are looking to advertise access to our database of brick and mortar locations who are willing to partner by hosting ads within their physical spaces.

Setting up a campaign is very simple and you can be the "talk of the neighborhood" with just a few clicks of a button!



It's no easy task running a business, particularly small business. You need to worry about rents, salaries, and much much more.

With Spade, our platform will connect you with local non-competing advertisers who are looking to spread their messages and promotions to target markets you both share!

Register an account now, set your preferences, and let Spade do the connecting for you!

Mobile App


The Spade Mobile App is the key for users to unlock content and promotions from their favorite brands and companies. All of the official Spade advertisements within stores you are visiting every single day are enabled with scanning technology.

All you need to do is simply download our app from the App Store, aim your phone at the ads within the store, and boom! You'll be engaged with the best deals, videos, and products all tailored to your neighborhood.

Get scanning now!

Our slogan is Within Every Empty Space... is Opportunity
And here's why :

By joining the Spade network, you can unlock a whole new immersive and data-driven platform
to reach potential customers in their everyday environments.


You're invited to join the best hyperlocal, targeted network of businesses just like you that want to help each other.


Spade offers you the opportunity to manage your own campaigns, set your own budgets, and connect with other businesses of your choosing... all at the click of a button.


Who says offline advertising can't be measured? Spade boasts a data-centric platform to allow you to truly understand your marketing efforts across all users in the real world.


The Spade platform gives businesses opportunity to engage with their target audiences in areas and ways that haven't been accessible before. On the flip side, partners also have an opportunity to monetize unused space in physical locations that Spade recognizes as a valuable asset!

Time is Money

We understand your daily activities can weigh you down... let Spade take the burden off your back! With just a few simple clicks, it's very easy and time-efficient to use and interact with our platform.

Win-Win for All!

Our platform ensures incentives for advertisers, partners, and most importantly our app users. With a vast platform of local businesses who can work with each other, our app users have the ability to unlock deals and content that are relevant to them!

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